Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Darash and Jihad

I clicked the new post button without looking at anything else on the site. I think my last post was a promise to write more? The fact that I don't remember sheds the light of irony on that. Well Done.

This is another short post meant to set up an imagined future (the only kind of future?). Faith and religion have been growing, stretching, and changing in my life. It's mostly been internal and not really a disruptive thing, moreso just cognitive background noise.

I am neither a Hebrew nor Arabic scholar...actually, I know almost nothing about either language or tradition. I'd love to change that, but there is only so much brain and so much time available. Darash and Jihad both mean struggle and have a place in Judaism and Islam tradition talking about seeking, struggling, confronting faith and related issues.

I want to write about this more and this is kind of a call to my self to do so.

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