Thursday, April 30, 2015

Change of Place, Change of Pace

Bit of a gap between posts...since this is a self-judgement-free zone (like Planet Fitness for your brain) that's totally ok. There's actually a really good reason for it.

I have a really cool work opportunity to work at corporate headquarters for five months on a few special projects! This means time away from my family and coworkers. It also means hours in an empty hotel room...for someone who struggles to establish consistency this is almost more of a great opportunity than getting selected to work on something at corporate headquarters!

I have big plans to use this time to structure my free time, make and meet goals, and study a lot of the topics I'm really interested in apart from the distractions of life and home.

The ultimate goal is to bring this stuff home with me later this year and have developed some more permanent habits.

I'm also getting consistent with health and religious practices like exercise, yoga, scripture reading and meditation.

I will most definitely be documenting these efforts regularly as I go, so stay tuned!

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